SPC Pro 3 phase energy logger.Available for hire from Brian Hunter.

Brian Hunter has his own 3 phase energy logger which is available for hire as well as allowing Brian to perform a complete and in depth survey of the energy usage within your organisation.

The first step in managing your energy usage is understanding what energy is being used where, and sometimes most importantly when. By connecting a 3 phase energy logger to your system and monitoring electrical consumption 24/7 it becomes easier to identify how your energy consumption is made up. Sometimes high baseloads can help to identify equipment which is running overnight uneccessarily. Similarly peak loads can often be seen at the same time of day, every day, indicating repetitive tasks or equipment that is used on a regular basis.

The justification for energy improvement projects is often based on predicted reductions in energy consumption and these are often difficult to prove. A quick before and after survey can often confirm that the anticipated savings are in fact being realised, helping to build confidence in the energy saving process and help secure funding for future projects.

Whatever your requirements for energy surveys, from the simple hire of an energy logger to a full survey design, installation, data collection and interpretation of results please give Brian a call.